Eastern Shore Kid's Market was started 20 years ago by four, stay-at-home moms. Their goals were to be able to stay at home raising their kids, provide a venue for other moms to generate income, and to donate clothing to a local charity.  Over the years, ESKM grew into the largest consignment sale on the eastern shore.   Natalie Field and her entire family were the sole owners of this business for years, and put their heart into it.  Since then, the Field family moved out of state and found it difficult to operate the business long distance.  Consequently, they decided it was best to sell ESKM. This year, my husband and I (and our 4 year old boss) purchased ESKM with the intent to carry on the work that these inspiring ladies started. We hope you will continue to shop, sell and work with us as we move forward with this exciting adventure. 


Michelle Alfonso-Burch

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